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Personal Training

Are you looking for a personal trainer who:

  • Has experience and a passion for fitness and health


  • Is genuinely interested in your personal goals


  • Will be honest and manage your expectations


  • Will hold you accountable


  • Will customize a workout based on your ability and goals (no cookie-cutter approaches)


  • Will educate you in the proper and most safe methods


  • Is accessible even when you are not training


  • Practices what he preaches

If you answered yes to all of the above, then you are in the right place!

Iz has 30 years of experience training people to change their culture, mindset, and fitness. 

When it comes to fitness, he believes in meeting people where they are in their journey. He trains people:

  • Who are uncomfortable or who have never been in a gym


  • Who are experienced athletes or former athletes looking to “take it to the next level”


  •  Who are on a weight loss journey


  • Who have musculoskeletal issues (back pain, sciatica, muscle imbalance)


  • Youth training to be the best in their sport


  • Seniors looking to improve stability, balance, and strength


  • Young adults who want to prepare to serve in the military or their community (aspiring Police, firefighters, EMS, etc.)
personal training

Types of Training

Personal training gym

Iz offers the following personal training services virtually and in person at his home gyms or at yours:

  • Resistance Training


  • High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)


  • Functional Training


  • Circuit Training


  • Bootcamp – Style Training


  • Couples/ Group Training


He lives in the beautiful Cuyahoga Valley National Park and has easy access to trails and sections of Ohio and Erie Canal Towpath Trail to accompany clients on walks/runs.

Private personal training gym

Investment in your Health

Personal Training Rates:

Single Session

1 hour session


Monthly Packages

Option #1: Two (2) sessions/week

8 Sessions: $360 ($5 off per session) 


Option #2: Three (3) sessions/week 

12 Sessions: $480 ($10 off per session) 

Couples/Group Rate

Additional fee per person/per hour


The price of greatness

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